Cycling Slovenia and more! – Jun/Jul 2014

In June we joined fellow Downhill to Breakfast rider John Black and Brooklyn friends Mark and Joanne Guralnick on a VBT cycling tour of the Dreiländereck (border triangle) region where Slovenia, Italy, and Austria meet. The adventure began with a week pre-trip in the Karst region of Slovenia and the Istrian peninsula of Croatia. Click here for a trip summary and links to (lots of) photos!

European Concert Tour – Jun/Jul 1998

In late June/early July, our chamber singing group, the Mansfield Chamber Singers (Ken Wells, director) joined with the St. Albans Choir of Westwood (Jim Vail, director) on our first ever European concert tour. Although there is lots of competition for a concert audience this time of year in Europe — occasionally our combined groups outnumbered our audience! — it was a marvelous trip, and we enjoyed ourselves immensely as we sang our way through Germany, the Czech Republic, and Austria, both formal and impromptu performances. Plus, it was really fun to travel around a couple of weeks with friends instead of our usual “on our own” approach. Click here to read more about it!

Backpacking in Europe – July 1974

In 1974 at the age of 16, Robert accompanied his brother Rod and some of Rod’s friends on a two-month trip in Europe…and each managed to make $500 last the entire trip…and as you read you’ll see why!  🙂  Except for the photo of Rod and Robert below (which was actually at their parents’ house around the same time more or less), photographs are from other sources and not the originals.  The journal is unedited – it would have been too easy to want to fix or reword parts of it – but there’s much charm in seeing Europe through a teenager’s eyes…at least we think so.  Click here to read more about it!