Germany: Cycling the Elbe; Dresden and Berlin – May 2018

In May we set off for Germany to cycle the Elbe Radweg, to visit the great cities of Dresden and Berlin, and to visit some Weissler family history sites. While planning the trip, Robert said, “you want to go to Norway, right?” 🙂 Yes! the Bergen Railway from Oslo to Bergen is something he did back in 1976, but was definitely on my own bucket list (routinely ranked as one of the “great railroad journeys of the world”). And finally, we were able to fly with IcelandAir and get the “free” layover on Reykjavik. So off we went! This is the first of three posts.

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Belgium and Germany – Aug/Sept 2008

In August we travelled to Germany for the 80th birthday of Johannes Weissler (Robert’s father Gerhard’s first cousin), stopping first in Belgium.  We stayed in Brussels and made day trips out to Antwerp and Brugge (all in Flanders) and to Namur (in Wallonia).  We then travelled back to Nürnberg via Köln (Cologne) and on to Erlangen to visit with family, and from there down to Munich to visit with friends. Click here to read more about it!

European Concert Tour – Jun/Jul 1998

In late June/early July, our chamber singing group, the Mansfield Chamber Singers (Ken Wells, director) joined with the St. Albans Choir of Westwood (Jim Vail, director) on our first ever European concert tour. Although there is lots of competition for a concert audience this time of year in Europe — occasionally our combined groups outnumbered our audience! — it was a marvelous trip, and we enjoyed ourselves immensely as we sang our way through Germany, the Czech Republic, and Austria, both formal and impromptu performances. Plus, it was really fun to travel around a couple of weeks with friends instead of our usual “on our own” approach. Click here to read more about it!