Weissler Holiday Gazettes – Back Issues

We started issuing the Weissler Holiday Gazette back in 1993, inspired by a newsletter we’d received the prior year from Marcel Hagelberg in Germany. Back then the gazette was a Microsoft Word document that Liza printed on fancy holiday paper and mailed out to anyone interested (and probably a few who weren’t). It eventually turned into a web page on our aves.org server, gradually became less chatty and contained more photographs. We went through a brief slideshow phase, and the current incarnation is still on aves.org but as a wordpress blog post.

25+ years worth of gazettes chat about our activities starting 10 years into our marriage, lots of travel, lots of cycling, music, work; moving to Arizona from Agoura Hills, CA in 2001; then retirement for both of us in 2013 (Robert) and 2015 (Liza). Six cats, too (Ace, Footsie, Abby, Cookie (too brief), Phoebe, Woody). Translated into other languages for a few years in an effort to work on our language skills – not sure we succeeded!

In any case, what a wonderful trip through life we’ve been on … and many more years to come!

By the way, on older issues that were MS Word docs, some special characters no longer appear properly. C’est la vie.

…cycling, birding, and more!