Cycling, Birds, Eclipse, and More! – Aug/Sep 2017

It probably would surprise nobody that we could turn a four-day cycling trip into a month-long grand driving tour of the western US. 🙂 That’s exactly what we did, driving to and from a Bicycle Adventures cycling “Bend Breakaway” tour, and seeing lots of things along the way.

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Portland – Sept 2014

With Tom, Robert, and Diane Mosher
With Tom, Robert, and Diane Mosher…but where’s the bride? 🙂

After not having been to a wedding for literally years, we went to
our second wedding in a few months – this one in Salem, OR, with the happy couple being Robert Mosher (son of our long-time friends Tom and Diane Mosher) and Kaila Studebaker. We went up a few days in advance to do the sightseeing in Portland that we’ve never managed to get around to.

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