Merry Happy Joyous Holidays!

Holiday greetings to friends and family, near and far! Seems like just a couple of weeks ago we were putting together last year’s Weissler Holiday Gazette, as we still like to refer to our annual missive that debuted back in 1993.

It’s been a great year with lots of travel and seeing friends and family. We started the year with a sunny break in Mexico with friends Linda and Jerry Schweitzer, in Rincon de Guayabitos. May and June found us in Europe with friends Tom and Diane Mosher, in GermanyNorway, and Iceland.

Closer to home we hit the road to see some national parks in Montana, Wyoming, Utah, and New Mexico. Have to use that national park pass! Also a number of fun visits with family, including the wedding of Richard Wanerman and Cynthia Drakeman in Princeton NJ (with some birding in Cape May thrown in), and in southern California. And we were visited by Liza’s cousin Mike Bingham and new wife Tonya in November.

Between all the travel, we kept busy at home. Robert continues to volunteer with the Friends of the San Pedro River. Liza’s big project was painting the house interior; it’s now very colorful. 🙂 We also got new windows throughout nearly all of the house (a few remain to be done). We keep thinking the house isn’t that old, but it’s already been 17 years! 

What’s on tap next year? A much-anticipated birding trip to South Africa gets things started. We’ll be back in Europe in the summer, visiting Iceland (we said we’d go back), Scotland (satisfying Liza’s Outlander obsession), and Germany (an event for Robert’s great-grandfather Adolf in Halle an der Saale).  In the fall we’ll be visiting more national parks in the southwest.

A few photos from the year are below; click each to see the full photo.  Wishing you all a most happy holiday season and looking forward to seeing you in person or online in the coming year! A couple of other websites you may want to browse as well:

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