West Mexico (Nayarit) – Jan 2018

In January we were fortunate to have a week down in Nayarit, west Mexico, visiting friends Jerry and Linda who had rented a house in Rincon de Guayabitos (about 40 miles north of Puerto Vallarta). (We’d say we were escaping a harsh winter for warmer weather, but truthfully winter in southeast Arizona this year has been remarkably mild.)

We had a lovely time there, enjoying the warm weather, doing some hikes in the hills near Los Ayala (beware of the trail named “Easy”), and having a little beach time. We also did some birding of course! enjoying the birds locally as well as on a day trip up to San Blas (mangroves, crocodiles, boat ride…fun!). Click here for the bird gallery.

Thanks to Jerry and Linda for their hospitality, and for our season 2 Outlander viewing (well, some of us enjoyed it, lol).

Buddy Bison was along too, he particularly enjoyed the petroglyphs and the visit to the hot springs.

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