US National Parks, Memorials, Monuments, Sites, Landmarks

It might seem strange to keep such a list, but it has proven helpful when planning trips. The plan is to get to more of these places and really spend some time at each. By the way if you’re interested in the designations, click here. In short:

  • Generally, a national park contains a variety of resources and encompasses large land or water areas to help provide adequate protection of the resources.
  • A national monument is intended to preserve at least one nationally significant resource. It is usually smaller than a national park and lacks its diversity of attractions.
  • The title national memorial is most often used for areas that are primarily commemorative. They need not be sites or structures historically associated with their subjects.
  • In recent years, national historic site has been the title most commonly applied by Congress in authorizing the addition of such areas to the National Park System.
  • There are also national historic landmarks, national historic landmark districts, and national historical parks. In the United States, sites are “historic”, while parks are “historical”. The NPS explains that a site can be intrinsically historic, while a park is a modern legal invention. As such, a park is not itself “historic”, but can be called “historical” when it contains historic resources. It is the resources which are historic, not the park. (Source: wikipedia.)
  • And there are also battlefields, lakeshores, seashores …

Where we’ve been: Bold italic text = been there!

National Parks

38 of 63 as of 8/24/2022

44°21’N 68°13’W
Leaf-peeper trip in fall 1991. (Old negative scanned in …)
American Samoa American Samoa
14°15″S 170°41’W
Arches Utah
38°41’N 109°34’W
Driving trip Oct 2019 with Mark and Joanne Guralnick.
BadlandsSouth Dakota
43°45’N 102°30’W
Visited here on the Bicycle Adventures Black Hills and Badlands bike tour, in Sept 2015.
Big Bend Texas
29°15’N 103°15’W
Aug 2016 (quicky en route to Dallas); May 2017, Sky Islands of West Texas trip.
Biscayne Florida
25°39’N 80°05’W
Black Canyon of the GunnisonColorado
38°34’N 107°43’W
August 2004.
Bryce Canyon Utah
37°34’N 112°11’W
Several, most recent and best was driving trip Oct 2019 with Mark and Joanne Guralnick.
Canyonlands Utah
38°12’N 109°56’W
Driving trip Oct 2019 with Mark and Joanne Guralnick.
Capitol Reef Utah
38°12’N 111°10’W
Driving trip Oct 2019 with Mark and Joanne Guralnick.
Carlsbad Caverns New Mexico
32°10’N 104°26’W
Aug 2016, May 2017. Probably a long time ago too on a driving trip to Texas (1987 or 1988).
Channel IslandsCalifornia
34°01’N 119°25’W
Pelagic trip out of Ventura Harbor in the 1990s.
Congaree South Carolina
33°47’N 80°47’W
Crater LakeOregon
42°56’N 122°06’W
Several (including photo from June 1990), last one being Sept 2017 after the Bicycle Adventures Bend Breakaway cycling tour. Very smoky from fires.
Cuyahoga Valley Ohio
41°14’N 81°33’W
Death Valley California, Nevada
36°14’N 116°49’W
Denali Alaska
63°20’N 150°30’W
June 1989. Took Alaska Railroad from Anchorage there and back.
Dry Tortugas Florida
24°38’N 82°52’W
25°19’N 80°56’W
Stopped here en route from Venezuela (birding) to New York (concert performance at Carnegie Hall with Mansfield Chamber Singers), 1993. We remember the “summit” sign that said 3 feet!
Gates of the Arctic Alaska
67°47’N 153°18’W
Gateway Arch Missouri
38°38’N 90°11’W
Glacier Montana
48°48’N 114°00’W
Sept 2018 on our Glacier-Yellowstone-Grand Tetons trip.
Glacier Bay Alaska
58°30’N 137°00’W
Grand Canyon Arizona
36°04’N 112°08’W
Several, but best was the rim-to-rim hike in 2010 with two nights down at Phantom Ranch.
Grand Teton Wyoming
43°44’N 110°48’W
Sept 2018 on our Glacier-Yellowstone-Grand Tetons trip.
Great Basin Nevada
38°59’N 114°18’W
Aug 2017 en route to Bend for the Bicycle Adventures Bend Breakaway cycling tour.
Great Sand Dunes Colorado
37°44’N 105°31’W
Great Smoky Mountains Tennessee, North Carolina
35°41’N 83°32’W
Guadalupe Mountains Texas
31°55’N 104°52’W
Aug 2016, May 2017.
Haleakalā Hawaii
20°43’N 156°10’W
Liza rode a bike down from the top! Dec 1993.
Hawaiʻi VolcanoesHawaii
19°23’N 155°12’W
10th anniversary trip, Dec 1993.
Hot Springs Arkansas
34°31’N 93°03’W
Sept 2019 with Liza’s mom Alpha.
Indiana Dunes Indiana
41°39’12″N 87°03’09″W
Became a national park in 2019; we went back in the 1980s when it was a national lakeshore.
Isle Royale Michigan
48°06’N 88°33’W
Joshua Tree California
33°47’N 115°54’W
March 2017.
Katmai Alaska
58°30’N 155°00’W
Kenai Fjords Alaska
59°55’N 149°39’W
June 1989.
Kings CanyonCalifornia
36°48’N 118°33’W
A couple of camping trips in the 1980s…but no photographic evidence. 🙁
Kobuk Valley Alaska
67°33’N 159°17’W
Lake Clark Alaska
60°58’N 153°25’W
Lassen Volcanic California
40°29’N 121°31’W
SF/Oregon trip, August 2022.
Mammoth Cave Kentucky
37°11’N 86°06’W
Mesa VerdeColorado
37°11’N 108°29’W
August 2004.
Mount Rainier Washington
46°51’N 121°45’W
New River GorgeWest Virginia
North Cascades Washington
48°42’N 121°12’W
47°58’N 123°30’W
Visited around 1990…at least the Hoh Rainforest. Haven’t been able to find any photos yet though. Same trip as Mount St. Helens perhaps.
Petrified Forest Arizona
35°04’N 109°47’W
Southwest driving trip with Mark and Joanne Guralnick, Sept 2016.
Pinnacles California
36°29’N 121°10’W
Aug 2017, following the Bicycle Adventures Bend Breakaway cycling tour.
Redwood California
41°18’N 124°00’W
Aug 2017, following the Bicycle Adventures Bend Breakaway cycling tour.
Rocky Mountain Colorado
40°24’N 105°35’W
32°15’N 110°30’W
36°26’N 118°41’W
Visited along with Kings Canyon in the 1980s…but no photographic evidence.
Shenandoah Virginia
38°32’N 78°21’W
Theodore Roosevelt North Dakota
46°58’N 103°27’W
Virgin Islands United States Virgin Islands
18°20’N 64°44’W
Voyageurs Minnesota
48°30’N 92°53’W
White SandsNew Mexico
32°47’N 106°10’W
May 2017, Sky Islands of West Texas trip; elevated from monument to park 12/20/2019.
Wind CaveSouth Dakota
43°34’N 103°29’W
Visited here on the Bicycle Adventures Black Hills and Badlands bike tour, in Sept 2015.
Wrangell St.Elias Alaska
61°00’N 142°00’W
Yellowstone Wyoming, Montana, Idaho
44°36’N 110°30’W
1989, post-1988-fires. (The whole “Liza’s glasses fogged up” incident comes to mind…). More recently Sept 2018 on our Glacier-Yellowstone-Grand Tetons trip.
37°50’N 119°30’W
Our first trip together, back in 1982; the highlight was meeting Ansel Adams in the gift shop (and had two posters signed by him)!
Zion Utah
37°18’N 113°03’W
Oct 2016, driving trip for Conservation Lands Foundation conf in Las Vegas, NV.

Also Aug 2017, before the Bicycle Adventures Bend Breakaway cycling tour.

National Memorials

10 of 30 as of 10/25/2019

Arkansas Post Arkansas
34°01’N 91°21’W
Arlington House, The Robert E. Lee Memorial Virginia
38°52’52″N 77°04’23″W
Chamizal Texas
31°46’N 106°27’W
31°20’N 110°15’W
Our home park!
De Soto Florida
27°31’N 82°38’W
Federal Hall New York
40°42’25″N 74°00’36 ‘W
Walk-by in 2012 when visiting Guralnicks
Flight 93 Pennsylvania
40°03’18″N 78°54’04″W
Fort Caroline Florida
30°23’10″N 81°29’53″W
Franklin Delano Roosevelt Memorial District of Columbia
38°52’59″N 77°02’35″W
Liza on a RAND work trip in the late 1990s.
General Grant New York
40°48’47″N 73°57’47″W
Hamilton Grange New York
40°49’16″N 73°56’49″W
Johnstown Flood Pennsylvania
40°21’00″N 78°46’16″W
Korean War Veterans Memorial District of Columbia
38°53’17″N 77°02’53″W
Lincoln Boyhood Indiana
38°06’47″N 86°59’46″W
Lincoln Memorial District of Columbia
38°53’20″N 77°03’00″W
Liza on a RAND work trip in the late 1990s.
Lyndon Baines Johnson Memorial Grove on the Potomac District of Columbia
38°52’37″N 77°03’00″W
Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial District of Columbia
38°53’10″N 77°02’38″W
Mount Rushmore South Dakota
43°52’44″N 103°27’32″W
Visited here on the Bicycle Adventures Black Hills and Badlands bike tour, in Sept 2015.
Pearl Harbor Hawaii
21°22’N 157°57’W
Where the war started (battleship row) and ended (on the deck of the USS Missouri). Also toured the Bowfin submersible. Dec 1993.
Perry’s Victory and International Peace Memorial Ohio
41°39’14″N 82°48’40″W
Port Chicago Naval Magazine California
38°03’22″N 122°01’48″W
Roger Williams Rhode Island
41°49’52″N 71°24’40″W
Thaddeus Kosciuszko Pennsylvania
39°56’35″N 75°08’49″W
Theodore Roosevelt Island District of Columbia
38°53’49″N 77°03’50″W
Thomas Jefferson Memorial District of Columbia
38°52’52″N 77°02’13″W
Liza on a RAND work trip in the late 1990s.
Vietnam Veterans Memorial District of Columbia
38°53’28″N 77°02’53″W
Liza on a RAND work trip in the late 1990s.
Washington Monument District of Columbia
38°53’20″N 77°02’06″W
Liza on a RAND work trip in the late 1990s.
World War I Memorial District of Columbia
38°53’46″N 77°01’59″W
Liza on a RAND work trip in the late 1990s.
World War II Memorial District of Columbia
38°53’20″N 77°02’24″W
Liza on a RAND work trip in the late 1990s.
Wright Brothers North Carolina
36°00’50″N 75°40’05″W

National Monuments

34 of 129 as of 8/24/2022.

Admiralty Island Alaska
57°38’N 134°21’W
African Burial Ground New York
40°42’52″N 74°00’15″W
Agate Fossil Beds Nebraska
42°24’58″N 103°43’41″W
Agua Fria Arizona
34°09’N 112°05’W
Oct 2019 on a AZ-UT driving trip with Mark and Joanne Guralnick.
Aleutian Islands World War II Alaska
52°52’N 173°10’W
Alibates Flint Quarries Texas
35°34’N 101°40’W
Aniakchak Alaska
56°54’N 158°09’W
Aztec Ruins New Mexico
36°50’N 107°00’W
Bandelier New Mexico
35°47’N 106°16’W
Tried to go December 2018, but it was closed due to a government shutdown.
Basin and Range Nevada
37°54’N 115°24’W
Bears Ears Utah
37°38’N 109°52’W
Skirted past it in Sept 2016 and again in Oct 2019, driving trips with Mark and Joanne Guralnick.
Belmont-Paul Women’s Equality District of Columbia
38°53’N 77°00’W
Berryessa Snow Mountain California
39°13’N 122°46’W
Birmingham Civil Rights Alabama
33°30’47″N 86°48’54″W
Booker T. Washington Virginia
37°07’23″N 79°45’58″W
Browns Canyon Colorado
38°36’54″N 106°03’32″W
Buck Island Reef US Virgin Islands
17°47’N 64°37’W
Cabrillo California
32°40’N 117°14’W
California Coastal California
36°53’N 122°11’W
Camp Nelson Heritage Kentucky
37°47’N 84°36’W
Canyon de ChellyArizona
36°08’N 109°28’W
August 2004.

Sept 2016 on an AZ-UT driving trip with Mark and Joanne Guralnick.

Canyons of the Ancients Colorado
37°22’N 109°00’W
Cape Krusenstern Alaska
67°25’N 163°30’W
Capulin Volcano New Mexico
36°47’N 103°58’W
Carrizo Plain California
35°10’N 119°45’W
Casa Grande RuinsArizona
32°59’100N 111°32’W
Oct 2016, driving trip for Conservation Lands Foundation conf in Las Vegas, NV.
Cascade/Siskiyou Oregon, California
42°05’N 122°28’W
SF/Oregon trip, August 2022.
Castillo de San Marcos Florida
29°53’53″N 81°18’40″W
Castle Clinton New York
40°42’13″N 74°01’01″W
Possibly went here when visiting Mark and Joanne Guralnick in 2012?
Castle Mountains California
35°15’N 115°07’W
Cedar BreaksUtah
37°38’N 112°51’W
Aug 2017, before the Bicycle Adventures Bend Breakaway cycling tour.
César E. Chávez California
35°13’38″N 118°33’41″W
Charles Young Buffalo Soldiers Ohio
39°42’26″N 83°53’25″W
Chimney Rock Colorado
37°11’30″N 107°18’23″W
32°01’N 109°21’W
Driven here, bicycled…
Colorado Colorado
39°02’N 108°41’W
Craters of the MoonIdaho
43°25’N 113°31’W
Driving trip long ago, probably the trip to Pullman WA for a USC-WSU game. A lot of lava.
Devils Postpile California
37°30’N 119°05’W
Devils Tower Wyoming
44°35’N 104°43’W
Visited here on the Bicycle Adventures Black Hills and Badlands bike tour, in Sept 2015. And adopted Buddy Bison here!
Dinosaur Colorado, Utah
40°32’N 108°59’W
Effigy Mounds Iowa
43°05’N 91°11’W
El Malpais New Mexico
34°53’N 108°03’W
Dec 2018.
El Morro New Mexico
35°02’N 108°21’W
Florissant Fossil Beds Colorado
38°55’N 105°16’W
Fort Frederica Georgia
31°13’26″N 81°23’35″W
Fort Matanzas Florida
29°42’54″N 81°14’20″W
Fort McHenry Maryland
39°15’47″N 76°34’44″W
Fort Monroe Virginia
37°00’14″N 76°18’29″W
Fort Ord California
36°38’21″N 121°44’07″W
Fort Pulaski Georgia
32°01’37″N 80°53’24″W
Fort Stanwix New York
43°13’05″N 75°27’32″W
Fort Union New Mexico
35°55’30″N 105°00’32″W
Fossil Butte Wyoming
41°52’N 110°46’W
Sept 2018 on our Glacier-Yellowstone-Grand Tetons trip.
Freedom Riders Alabama
33°39’29″N 85°49’52″W
George Washington Birthplace Virginia
38°11’10″N 76°55’50″W
George Washington Carver Missouri
36°59’10″N 94°21’14″W
Giant Sequoia California
36°02’N 118°30’W
Gila Cliff DwellingsNew Mexico
33°14’N 108°17’W
August 2004.
Gold Butte Nevada
36°16’52″N 114°12’04″W
Governors Island New York
40°41’28″N 74°00’58″W
Grand Canyon-Parashant Arizona
36°24’N 113°42’W
Grand Portage Minnesota
47°58’N 89°41’W
Grand Staircase-Escalante Utah
37°24’N 111°41’W
Aug 2017, before the Bicycle Adventures Bend Breakaway cycling tour. Also again in Oct 2019 with Mark and Joanne Guralnick.
Hagerman Fossil Beds Idaho
42°47’N 114°57’W
Hanford Reach Washington
46°29’N 119°32’W
Harriet Tubman Underground Railroad Maryland
Hohokam Pima Arizona
33°11’N 111°55’W
Ironwood Forest Arizona
32°28’N 111°34’W
November 2019. Went in on Silverbell and out on Sasco Rd, which meant crossing the Santa Cruz River and slaloming through mud. 🙁
Jewel Cave South Dakota
43°44’N 103°50’W
John Day Fossil Beds Oregon
44°40’N 120°03’W
Jurassic Utah
39°19’N 110°41’W
Kasha-Katuwe Tent Rocks New Mexico
35°40’N 106°25’W
Katahdin Woods and Waters Maine
45°58’N 68°37’W
HovenweepColorado, Utah
37°23’N 109°05’W
Driving trip Oct 2019 with Mark and Joanne Guralnick.
Lava Beds California
41°43’N 121°31’W
Captain Jack’s Stronghold is here! mid-1980s driving to Washington?
Little Bighorn Battlefield Montana
45°34’N 107°26’W
Marianas Trench Marine Northern Mariana Islands, Guam
20°N 145’E
Medgar and Myrlie Evers Home
Military Working Dog Teams Texas
29°23’24’N 98°37’01″W
Mill Springs Battlefield Kentucky
37°04’N 84°44’W
Misty Fjords Alaska
55°37’N 130°37’W
Mojave Trails California
34°36’N 116°00’W
Montezuma Castle Arizona
34°37’N 111°50’W
Driving trip Oct 2019 with Mark and Joanne Guralnick.
Mount St. Helens Volcanic Washington
46°14’N 122°11’W
June 1990. Likely wasn’t an official national monument at that time.
Muir Woods California
37°53’N 122°35’W
SF/Oregon trip, August 2022.
Natural Bridges Utah
37°35’N 110°00’W
Sept 2016 on an AZ-UT driving trip with Mark and Joanne Guralnick.
Navajo Arizona
36°41’N 110°32’W
Driving trip Oct 2019 with Mark and Joanne Guralnick.
Newberry VolcanicOregon
43°41’N 121°15’W
Aug 2017, following the Bicycle Adventures Bend Breakaway cycling tour.
Northeast Canyons and Seamounts Marine Atlantic Ocean
40°24’N 68°00’W
Oregon Caves Oregon
42°06’N 123°25’W
Organ Mountains-Desert Peaks New Mexico
32°18’N 106°33’W
Apr 2021 on NM/TX trip.
Organ Pipe CactusArizona
32°02’N 112°52’W
Went here and stayed in Ajo on way up to Prescott to see Bob and Pam Deichmeister.
Pacific Remote Islands Marine US Minor Outlying Islands south-southwest of Hawaii
16°45’N 169°31’W
Papahānaumokuākea Marine Hawaii, U.S. Minor Outlying Islands
25°42’N 171°44’W
Petroglyph New Mexico
35°10’N 106°46’W
Dec 2018.
Pipestone Minnesota
44°01’N 96°20’W
Pipe Spring Arizona
36°52’N 112°44’W
Oct 2016, driving trip for Conservation Lands Foundation conf in Las Vegas, NV.
Pompeys Pillar Montana
45°59’24″N 108°00’04″W
Poverty Point Louisiana
32°38’N 91°25’W
Prehistoric Trackways New Mexico
32°21’N 106°54’W
President Lincoln and Soldiers’ Home District of Columbia
38°56’30″N 77°00’42″W
Pullman Illinois
41°41’28″N 87°36’36″W
Rainbow Bridge Utah
37°05’N 110°58’W
Río Grande del Norte New Mexico
36°40’00″N 105°42’00″W
Rose Atoll Marine American Samoa
14°33’S 168°32’W
Russell Cave Alabama
34°58’N 85°48’W
Saint Francis Dam Disaster California
34°33’N 118°31’W
Dec 2021.
Salinas Pueblo Missions New Mexico
34°16’N 106°04’W
Dec 2018.
San Gabriel Mountains California
34°13’N 118°04’W
San Juan Islands Washington
48°32’N 123°02’W
Sand to Snow California
34°05’N 116°41’W
Santa Rosa and San Jacinto Mountains California
33°48’N 116°42’W
Dec 2019 en route to CA
Scotts Bluff Nebraska
41°50’N 103°42’W
Sonoran Desert Arizona
33°00’N 112°28’W
Pass-through every time we drive to Gila Bend
Statue of Liberty New York, New Jersey
40°41’N 74°02’W
Sailed around it on a harbor tour, but didn’t go in, in 1998 or 1999
Stonewall New York
40°44’01″N 74°00’08″W
Sunset Crater Volcano Arizona
35°22’N 111°30’W
Sept 2016 on an AZ-UT driving trip with Mark and Joanne Guralnick.
Timpanogos Cave Utah
40°26’N 111°43’W
Tonto Arizona
33°39’N 111°05’W
Tule Lake California
41°53’N 121°22’W
Tule Springs Fossil Beds Nevada
36°19’N 115°16’W
Tuzigoot Arizona
34°47’N 112°02’W
Sept 2016 on an AZ-UT driving trip with Mark and Joanne Guralnick.
Upper Missouri River Breaks Montana
47°47’N 109°01’W
Vermilion CliffsArizona
36°49’N 111°44’W
Multiple times…but most recently in Sept 2016, Oct 2019.
Virgin Islands Coral Reef US Virgin Islands
18°19’N 64°43’W
Waco Mammoth Texas
31°36’22″N 97°10’26″W
Walnut Canyon Arizona
35°10’N 111°31’W
Oct 2016, driving trip for Conservation Lands Foundation conf in Las Vegas, NV.
Wupatki Arizona
35°31’N 111°22’W
Sept 2016 on an AZ-UT driving trip with Mark and Joanne Guralnick.
Yucca House Colorado
37°15’N 108°41’W

Other National Sites

# of n as of 6/26/2020. Only places visited are listed below; there are way too many to list all of them (nearly 2600 landmarks, 58 historical parks, 89 sites…). See for a list of landmarks; for historic sites and historical parks.

NHL = National Historic Landmark; NHLD = National Historic Landmark District; NHP = National Historical Park; NHS = National Historic Site; NHT = National Historic Trail

Ahwahnee NHLCalifornia
37°44′45″N 119°34′27″W
Yosemite NP
Alamo NHLTexas 29°25′32″N 98°29′10″W1988(?) road trip to TX and AR
Alexandria NHLDVirginia
38°48′12″N 77°02′47″W
Many visits with Bob & Pam Deichmeister
Apollo Mission Control Center NHLTexas
29°33′23″N 95°05′18″W
Liza went in 1977 (Bluebonnet Bowl); we went together in the late 80s
Bonneville Dam NHLDWashington, Oregon
45°38′38″N 121°57′42″W
Sept 2014 when in Oregon for Robert Mosher wedding
Cape May Historic District NHLNew Jersey
38°56′13″N 74°54′40″W
Sept 1995 (PA Dutch cycling trip); Oct 2018
Dealey Plaza NHLDTexas
32°46′43″N 96°48′30″W
Liza first went with Lindsey and Jackie in the 70s
Durango-Silverton Narrow-Gauge Railroad NHLColorado
37°17′51″N 107°42′39″W
Aug 2004
Fort Bowie and Apache Pass NHS Arizona
32°08′46″N 109°26′08″W
June 2020, COVID-19 day trip
El Tovar NHLArizona 36°03′21″N 112°08′13″WGrand Canyon south rim, strolled through
Fort Davis NHSTexas 30°35′57″N 103°53′34″WMay 2017
Fort Huachuca NHLArizona 31°33′19″N 110°20′59″WLOL Liza worked here!
Grand Canyon Lodge NHLArizona 36°11′57″N 112°03′07″WRim-to-rim hike Oct 2010
Hoover Dam NHLArizona 36°00′56″N 114°44′16″WOct 2016
Hubbell Trading Post NHSArizona 35°43′32″N 109°35′36″WSept 2016
Independence NHPPennsylvaniaLiberty Bell, etc., 1995 as part of PA Dutch cycling trip
Juan Bautista de Anza NHTNogales, Arizona to San Francisco, California1200 miles! We hiked a small bit near Tubac, AZ, August 2020
Jerome Historic District NHLArizona 34°45′13″N 112°06′41″WRoad trip with Mark and Joanne Guralnick
Lehner Mammoth-Kill Site NHLArizona 31°26′00″N 110°06′00″WRobert has been; Liza and Buddy need to visit
Library of Congress NHLDistrict of Columbia
38°53′20″N 77°00′16″W
Liza went here ~ 1976?
Los Alamos Scientific Laboratory NHLDNew Mexico
35°52′32″N 106°19′27″W
Road trips, latest Dec 2018
LA Memorial Coliseum NHLCalifornia
34°00′50″N 118°17′16″W
Many football games starting in 1974!
Lowell Observatory NHLArizona 35°12′10″N 111°39′52″WAug 2017 on way to Bend OR; Oct 2019 (Guralnicks)
Lower Klamath National Wildlife Refuge NHL California, Oregon
41°58′00″N 121°46′00″W
Minute Man NHPMassachusetts 42°27′11″N 71°17′55″WLeaf-peeper trip in 1991
Mission Santa Inés NHLCalifornia
34°35′40″N 120°08′12″W
Monticello NHLVirginia
38°00′30″N 78°27′12″W
Thomas Jefferson House, Liza visited in 1999
Montpelier NHLVirginia
38°13′11″N 78°10′10″W
James Madison House, Liza visited in 1999
Mount Vernon NHLVirginia
38°42′28″N 77°05′10″W
George Washington House, Liza last visited in 1999
Murray Springs Clovis Site NHLArizona 31°34′14″N 110°08′27″WRobert has been; Liza and Buddy need to visit
Pentagon NHLVirginia
38°52′16″N 77°03′21″W
RAND visits
Phelps Dodge General Office Building NHLArizona 31°26′25″N 109°54′41″WBisbee Mining and Historical Museum
Rockefeller Center NHLNew York
40°45′31″N 73°58′45″W
Dec 2016
Rose Bowl NHLCalifornia
34°09′34″N 118°10′00″W
San Francisco Cable Cars NHLCalifornia
37°47′44″N 122°24′27″W
Liza, first band trip to SF in 1977
San Xavier del Bac Mission NHLArizona 32°06′25″N 111°00′29″WLong before we moved to Arizona…
Santa Monica Looff Hippodrome NHLCalifornia
34°00′37″N 118°29′47″W
AKA the carousel building on the Santa Monica pier
Silverton NHLDColorado
37°48′45″N 107°39′47″W
August 2004
Texas State Capitol NHLTexas
30°16′22″N 97°44′28″W
Said to be just a teeny bit taller than the US Capitol
Titan Missile Museum NHLArizona 31°54′05″N 110°59′54″W
Tombstone NHLDArizona 31°42′45″N 110°03′59″WBlech
Tumacácori NHPArizona
31.5681465°N 111.0506458°W
Stopped once for a chile festival in 2017? Proper visit in August 2020
USS Arizona NHLHawaii
21°22′00″N 157°57′10″W
Pearl Harbor, Oct 2000
USS Bowfin NHLHawaii
21°22′20″N 157°56′30″W
Pearl Harbor, Oct 2000
Valley Forge NHPPennsylvania 40°05′49″N 75°26′20″WNovember 2018 for Wanerman wedding
White House NHLDistrict of Columbia
38°53′52″N 77°02′12″W
Liza went here ~ 1976?

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