Croatia and Bosnia-Herzegovina – May 2010

In May we made our long-awaited trip to Croatia – specifically the Dalmatian coast.  The first week of this trip was on our own, primarily in Dubrovnik with a day trip to Mostar (or Moctap, in Bosnia-Herzegovina); the second week we were with VBT (aka Vermont Bicycle Tours) cycling on the islands of Brač and Hvar, just off the coast from Split.  Robert had been here some 30 years earlier; we would have liked to have visited about 20 years ago, when Croatia was still part of Yugoslavia, but the war in the region nixed those plans.  Sooner or later we knew we’d get here, among other things to see where Liza’s dad’s parents were from (Selca, Brač)…so when we saw VBT had a cycling tour *on* Brač, we were in! Click here to read more about it!