Spain and Portugal 2017 Photo Galleries

Yes, quite a few photo galleries! We were gone about a month, after all. After opening a gallery, click on any photo to view a larger image and optionally start a slideshow.

Portugal 2017-Lisbon

Photos from short layover in Lisbon, Portugal. Why Lisbon? Because flying there was half the cost of flying to Madrid!

Spain 2017-Gredos

Birding in/around Gredos with Jesus Porras of Iberian Nature, June 2017.

Spain 2017-Camino de Santiago

Cycling the Camino de Santiago with Bike Spain Tours, 11-17 June 2017, starting in Burgos and ending in Santiago de Compostela. More Camino photos are in the Bike Spain Photos gallery, below.

Spain 2017-Bike Spain Photos

More Camino de Santiago cycling tour photos! These all by Luis Salgado of Bike Spain Tours, our guide on the tour.

Spain 2017-Madrid

Photos from a few days in Madrid between tours. Rough life, I know.

Spain 2017-Picos de Europa

Birding the Picos de Europa with Javier Gil Vaquero of Birding Picos de Europa, 18-24 June 2017. (Note that bird photos are in a separate gallery, below.)

Spain 2017-Birds

Some of the birds (and a couple other things) seen in the Sierra de Gredos and Extremadura (4-8 June) with Jesus Porras of Iberian Nature, and in the Picos de Europa (18-24 June) with Javier Gil Vaquero of Birding Picos de Europa. Yes, some photos are better than others.

Spain 2017-Buddy

Wherever he goes, there we are! Buddy Bison's adventures continue in Spain and Portugal, June 2017.

Also, don’t miss the terrific video by Bike Spain’s Luis Salgado.

…cycling, birding, and more!