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Last updated: 21 February 2022

US States + District of Columbia3941
US Possessions and Territories00

US States + District of Columbia

RAND trip with Bob Anderson to Gunther AFB, 1990s.Huntsville…Redstone Arsenal, class for work, 2008 or 2009.
1989, big trip to Anchorage, Kodiak Island, Kenai Peninsula, took the train up to Denali NP, flightseeing tour to see Mt McKinley. Trip marred a bit by the fact that the Exxon Valdez pre-disastered Prince William Sound and our accommodations on Kodiak Island were conveniently “lost”.Ditto
Our home since 2001.Ditto
Visited with Liza several times.Liza’s mom’s home, many childhood trips.
Where we are both from! Born in Queen of Angels hospital in LA, lived in the Baldwin Hills, Encino, USC area, San Pedro, then Agoura Hills until moving to Arizona in 2001.Where we are both from! Born in Hawthorne, lived in San Pedro, USC campus, Torrance, San Pedro again, then Agoura Hills until moving to Arizona in 2001
Cycling in Summit County in 2004.USENIX conference in Colorado Springs in the 1980s; Carpenter/Phinney bike camp in 1997, returned with Robert in 2004.
Flew to New Haven, visited a guy at Yale when working at USC on the User Friendly Operating System (UFOS) project.
Rehoboth Beach! Liza went with cousins Bob and Pam when she was, oh, 18-19, and Pam was expecting their first son Chris.
District of Columbia
RAND!RAND! First visits though much earlier when we would visit the Deichmeisters in VA.
Stopped in southern Florida on a return from Venezuela, en route to New York. Had a steamy day in the Everglades. Since returned to an Oracle conference in Daytona Beach, which was more fun than we thought it would be.Ditto. Liza was also in Tampa/St Petersburg area in 2010 for work.
Flew to Savannah via Atlanta to attend a conference at Hilton Head Island, SC (drove from airport).Flew through Atlanta on a work trip June 2010. Didn’t get out of the airport, didn’t buy anything, shouldn’t count…lol.
Love that Big Island. Also did a second trip where we went to Oahu to see Pearl Harbor, the Arizona memorial, etc.Ditto
Hit this one on a driving trip up through Yellowstone and then over to Oregon. Famous potatoes. 🙂Ditto
Robert to a USC-ND football game with Liza.Chicago, Chicago…Liza went here first with the USC marching band on a Notre Dame trip. Remembers Lake Michigan being very cold and gray.
Notre Dame!Notre Dame!
Newton, Kansas, train station, dead of night, tumbleweed. Need I say more?
New Orleans, pre-hurricane Katrina. Inadvertently wound up there during a jazz festival one year.Ditto. Liza also visited Ft Polk for work.
Leaf-peeper trip in fall 1991.Ditto
Trip to the Puzzle Palace, er, Fort Meade. Stayed in Laurel, MD.Popped into MD once on a RAND trip – went to see Robert Rzepka. Went to Aberdeen Proving Ground (APG) for work, August 2010.
Leaf-peeper trip in fall 1991.Ditto. Liza also went to Boston for a work training session once (to Epoch, in Westborough). Wondered why everyone was dressed funny in Boston until she figured out it was Patriot’s Day, a state holiday.
Flew through Minneapolis en route from DC to Ft Lewis on a work trip, June 2010. Got outside the terminal! I bought a magnet in the airport! Does that count? 🙂
Drove through the state en route to Louisiana once, hitting Jackson, inconveniently enough the day of the Rodney King riots in LA, mid-1980s.Ditto
National parks trip in 2018 that included Glacier NP and Yellowstone NP.Ditto
Las Vegas, Reno. Ugh. Much better time later on doing a Great Basin trip.Ditto
New Hampshire
Leaf-peeper trip in fall 1991.Ditto
New Jersey
Robert went to Rod’s wedding at Princeton.Liza flew into Newark then drove on to Ft Monmouth for work a few times, 2004-2010.
New Mexico
Our neighboring state now. Visited Santa Fe once at Thanksgiving; couple of driving trips through Albuquerque (en route to Arkansas), up to Canyon de Chelly, etc. Silver City, too!Ditto
New York
Bad experience at JFK in Jan 1984. Great experience in 1998 singing at Carnegie Hall with the Mansfield Chamber Singers. Visited the Guralnicks ~2015.Ditto
North Carolina
Robert went to the Research Triangle in the early 1980’s for a University Study Conference.Liza visited Ft Bragg in June 2010 for work.
North Dakota
An eye-ball freezing trip in 2009, for a RAND business trip re: aging studies.Wright-Patterson AFB for training.
Clinton, OK – where we were asked by an earnest woman in a motel if we wanted the room that Elvis had slept in.Ditto
Lovely Pacific Northwest, first visited for Pac-10 football, and our friends Tom & Diane Mosher live in Salem.Ditto
Robert visited his brother in college in Philadelphia; the two of us hit this on our leaf-peeper trip in 1991, and on a VBT cycling trip in Lancaster County in the 1990s.Leaf-peeper and cycling trip. Remember also that we happened to be visiting Independence Hall on Constitution Day – another state holiday Arizona and California don’t have.
Rhode Island
Robert went to the Naval War College once for work, in Newport.
South Carolina
Hilton Head Island for conference on expert systems.
South Dakota
Bicycle Adventures tour of the Black Hills (including Mt Rushmore and Crazy Horse) and the Badlands, Sept 2015.Ditto
“Watcha all wanna driiiiiink?” at Earl’s Hot Biscuits, driving with Jackie to Virginia when Lee was, oh, 18 months old?
Many flights through DFW. Big tour on a driving trip (when we also visited Arkansas) in 1986, gulf coast fun…including mosquitoes, spilled cans of coke in the car, etc.Ditto. Liza was also here several times growing up, as godparents Lindsey and Jackie lived in Mesquite, a Dallas suburb. Her employer for a few years, Collective Technologies, was based in Bee Cave, outside Austin.
Greatest snow on earth! Couple of ski trips. Also trips to Zion and Bryce Canyons, and Cedar Breaks.Ditto on the skiing, except Liza is a lousy skier. She did like Park City though.
Leaf-peeper trip in fall 1991.Ditto
Can’t go to DC without going to VA. Also Langley, Fort AP Hill, and Fort Monroe; Newport News and colonial Williamsburg.Liza’s aunt Maureen and her family lived in Alexandria, Annandale, Arlington, etc. A lot of As. She’s also visited Ft Belvoir and Ft Lee, Charlottesville, and colonial Williamsburg.
Pacific Northwest…Hoh Rain Forest…Pac-10 football…etc.Ditto
West Virginia
Liza got this one in, what, 2008 or 2009, visiting to attend Chris Deichmeister’s wedding reception.
Yellowstone trip. Also went to Devil’s Tower when on our Bicycle Adventures cycling tour of Black Hills and Badlands, SD, Sept 2015.Ditto

US Territories and Possessions

American Samoa
Northern Mariana Islands
Puerto Rico
US Virgin Islands


In alphabetical order…and not an exhaustive list, only where at least one of has been or expect to go soon.  The problem here is that (like a birding list) some countries have split apart and others have joined. Germany only gets counted once, despite Robert having been to both East and West. Yugoslavia split apart, so should Robert get credit for what are now separate countries? 🙂 Too bad we can’t count the pieces of the United Kingdom separately.  Robert gets credit for Yugoslavia separate from Croatia, Bosnia, and Slovenia because he went there when it was still an intact country; if we get to Serbia et al. we’ll deprecate that entry.

First visited when on a Brazil trip (Atlantic Forest) with Mark Pretti Nature Tours in 2012, on a trip extension to Iguaçu Falls. Went back in fall (their spring) 2014, this time to Buenos Aires for about five days as a “pre-trip” to our do-it-yourself central Chile birding adventure.Ditto
Twice – southeast (Sydney, Melbourne, Canberra) in 1994, and northeast (Far North Queensland) in 1996. Northern Territory in 2022?Ditto
Went here on our honeymoon in Jan 1984. Back to Vienna in 1998 with the Mansfield Chamber Singers. He had probably been here before meeting Liza, too.Ditto
Birding trip with Victor Emanuel Nature Tours one Christmas.Ditto
Birding trip with Victor Emanuel Nature Tours, Apr/May 2015, with Steve Hilty and Ansar Khan. Wow. Ditto
2010, when visiting Croatia. Also when it was part of Yugoslavia in 1976 with Russ Wiles.2010, when visiting Croatia.
With VENT (Andrew Whitaker, Steve Hilty), in the Pantanal; also visited Robert’s cousin Bettina outside Sao Paulo.Ditto
British Columbia for skiing, cycling, hiking.Ditto
Looks like the Texas flag sort of, doesn’t it? Visited Chile in fall (their spring) 2014 on a do-it-yourself trip for birding, wine tasting, etc. Returned in 2017 for birding and cycling in the lakes and volcanoes area; and again in 2020, staying in Puerto Montt and going down to Patagonia.Ditto
Northern Colombia – Santa Marta and the Guajira Peninsula, with Mark Pretti, June 2013. Central Colombia again with Mark Pretti, June 2021.Ditto
Costa Rica
First trip to the tropics! In 1991 with Olga Clarke.Ditto
2010, cycling trip plus a week on our own mostly in Dubrovnik, awesome. Returned in spring 2011 for a birding trip along the coast plus a few more days on Brač. And again in 2014 for a VBT trip. Also when it was part of Yugoslavia in 1976 with Russ Wiles.Cycling and birding in 2010, 2011, 2014.
Czech Republic
Prague, lovely, on our Berlin trip, also with Mansfield Chamber Singers. Robert was also here when it was Czechoslovakia.Prague, lovely, on our Berlin trip, also with Mansfield Chamber Singers.
1976 when he was going up to Norway, too.
With VENT, in the lowlands (Rio Tiputini); big adventure getting out of Quito, 1998. Northwest in September 2010 with Mark Pretti; southern Ecuador with Mark Pretti in Oct 2011. Quito airport much improved!Ditto
Robert in 1978.
Robert was here before meeting Liza? We also went on three occasions to see some bit of the Tour de France – a time trial in St Etienne, and two last days in Paris (Lance’s third and fifth wins, 2001 and 2003).Tour de France trips
Where Robert’s dad came from. Lived there about a year after getting his bachelor’s degree. Honeymoon in 1983-84, a number of trips since. He had East Germany when it was a separate country.Honeymoon first, number of trips since.
School trip in 1973. Boat issues stranded teenagers on an island with a wine festival. Ha!
Probably an airport stop in Guatemala City doesn’t really count…en route to Costa Rica.Ditto
Probably an airport stop in San Pedro Sula doesn’t really count…en route to Costa Rica. The sign on the terminal building with the name of the airport was bigger than the building…Generallissimo something-or-other aeropuerto internactional de…Ditto
Robert had been here before…also part of our Berlin trip in 1991, went to Budapest and Hortobagy National Park.Ditto on 1991.  Indecipherable language.  🙂  Rickety and ugly mustard-colored Fiat that rattled over the cobblestones in Budapest.  Non-stop parking, too!
IcelandAir stopover of a couple of days returning from Germany and Norway. Reykjavik and the south coast, 2018. Northern Iceland June 2019.Ditto
VENT trip with Victor Emanuel, Peter English, et al. Awesome trip, “Palace on Wheels”.Ditto
Robert went before meeting Liza.
Robert in 1978, pre-revolution!
Robert went here before meeting Liza. Cycling trip in Tuscany in 1999, returned in 2008 for his cousin Renate’s wedding. Also a stopover in Rome en route to Kenya.Cycling and wedding trips, Rome stopover.
VENT trip.Ditto
Robert went with his dad one year when his dad was attending a physics conference, 1970 or 1971.
With LA Audubon and Olga & Herb Clarke in 1996.Ditto
Korea, Republic of
(aka South Korea)
Work trip to Seoul – 403rd AFSB Far East regional offices at USAG Yongsan / K-16, Aug/Sept 2010. Didn’t see an Azure-winged magpie during a typhoon.
Our closest neighbor. A number of trips here for birding – Sonora, Oaxaca, Chiapas, Chihuahua, Sinaloa, Nayarit. Also a nice few days in Mexico City.Ditto
Shouldn’t count in the total, as we never got off the plane, but we landed in Kathmandu en route from Delhi, India to Paro, Bhutan, Apr 2015.Ditto
New Zealand
VBT cycling trip of south island, December 2011. Flew into Auckland then onto Christchurch, sadly hammered by earthquake in Sept 2010 and Feb 2011. Cycled the west coast mostly and flew out of Queenstown, the adventure capital (no kidding) of the world! Woo hoo! No bungy for us, but we did “luge”.Ditto
Yup. Narvik, ferry stories, Oslo, Bergen. 1976. Oslo, the Bergen Railway, and Bergen! 2018Oslo, the Bergen Railway, and Bergen! 2018
VENT trip in 2005. Canopy Tower – fun!Ditto
A birding tour offered through ABA that included Machu Picchu.Ditto
1979 with Russ Wiles.
Visited Lisbon before/after Spain birds and cycling June 2017. Returning June 2022.Ditto
Robert’s train adventure with a passport photo with no beard, and guards. Brazov, with Russ Wiles, 1979.
Saudi Arabia
Not sure if a landing here counts, en route to Nairobi.Ditto
VBT cycling trip in June 2014, focused on the “Drei-eck” region of Slovenia, Italy, Austria. Ljubljana was charming and not overrun, and the scenery of the Julian Alps spectacular.Ditto
South Africa
Birding Africa trip February 2019, “From Cape to Kruger” with Vincent Ward … fabulous.Ditto
1974 with Rod, 1976 with Russ, 2009 on the Bike Spain cycling trip northwest of Madrid that followed (a bit) the Vuelta a España. The cycling trip was followed by time on our own in the Basque Country – Pamplona, San Sebastian. Barcelona in 2016, Camino de Santiago in 2017, Andalucía in 2021.2009, 2016, 2017, 2021 trips.
1976 when he was going up to Norway, too.
Honeymoon in Dec 1983/Jan 1984. Return trip some 20 years later to see how Grindelwald had changed. 🙂 He was here back in 1974 as well.Honeymoon and 1994 trips.
With LA Audubon and Olga & Herb Clarke in 1996.Ditto
Trinidad and Tobago
March 2022!Ditto
Disembarked in Kusadasi, visited Ephesus in 1973.
Colonia del Sacramento and Montevideo following birding in Argentina, 2017.Ditto
United Kingdom
Cousin Ulrich lived here, visited him twice…also birding in East Anglia, and visiting Wales (Caernarvon). He also went to Scotland (Edinburgh) before meeting Liza. Scottish Highlands in 2019.Ulrich visits, Scottish Highlands
Vatican City
(Holy See)
Whirlwind visit when in Rome en route to Africa. Robert was also there and managed to see Pope Paul VI lying in state in 1978, when he was en route to Iran.Rome stopover en route to Africa.
With VENT (Steve Hilty) in 1991.Ditto
Robert went when it was still one country. 🙂 When he gets Serbia and Montenegro, this entry can be deprecated.

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