Princeton Wedding, Cape May, and More! – Oct 2018

In October we were delighted to attend the wedding of Richard Wanerman and Cindy Drakeman in Princeton NJ. (Richard’s father Rob is Robert’s second cousin.) And since we were “in the area”, it was a perfect chance to get to another national park (Valley Forge National Historical Park) and to go birding down in Cape May, at the very southern tip of New Jersey, home to the famous Hawk Watch.

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Montana, Wyoming, and Utah National Parks – Aug/Sep 2018

As part of our continuing mission of “let’s see all the national parks” (must use Robert’s volunteer park pass, after all!), in August and September we visited three more biggies: Glacier National Park, Yellowstone National Park, and Grand Teton National Park, finishing off in Wyoming with a national monument (Fossil Butte) and in Utah, a national historic site (Golden Spike).

If you want to skip the narrative and just look at photos, click here.

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Cycling, Birds, Eclipse, and More! – Aug/Sep 2017

It probably would surprise nobody that we could turn a four-day cycling trip into a month-long grand driving tour of the western US. 🙂 That’s exactly what we did, driving to and from a Bicycle Adventures cycling “Bend Breakaway” tour, and seeing lots of things along the way.

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Sky Islands of West Texas – May 2017

Last year on a driving trip to Dallas, we made a whirlwind visit of Big Bend National Park, Guadalupe Mountains National Park, and Carlsbad Caverns National Park…and knew we had to return. This May we did, spending a few days in each place so we could truly enjoy the natural beauty, not to mention the birds and wildlife. (And the food, and the beer, and…) Read about the landscapes, birds and other wildlife.

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More Southwest Parks – Oct 2016

Bryce Canyon National Park

This driving trip of the southwest started out as a planned visit to Las Vegas NV for the Conservation Lands Foundation’s Friends Grassroots Network Rendezvous (big name for a gathering of conservation minded folks; we were there representing the Friends of the San Pedro River). It soon turned into a chance to see more national parks and monuments in Arizona, Nevada, and Utah – not to mention visiting cousins Bob and Pam Deichmeister in Prescott, AZ.

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Arizona & Utah National Parks – Sept 2016

In September 2016 we embarked on a week-long driving tour of northern Arizona and southern Utah, joined by our friends Mark & Joanne Guralnick from Brooklyn, NY. While Liza and Joanne worked out all the accommodations, Robert was the daily trip planner (with the help of Arizona Highways and Highroads magazines), with a focus on national parks and monuments. There were some obvious goals – the Grand Canyon, Monument Valley, Petrified Forest & Painted Desert. But I have to say, we went to other national monuments that I’d never even heard of! What a great variety of parks, monuments, memorials, etc. we support!

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Big Bend NP and More – August 2016


In August, Liza needed to be in Dallas to see family, so we took the opportunity to visit, at long last, Big Bend National Park in Texas. It’s not exactly a quick stop off the interstate, you have to want to go there, but it is certainly worth the effort. It was a bit silly to have only one full day there, but this was more or less a scouting trip, and we’re definitely going back!

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More Wedding Bells! June 2015

Liza was happy to spend a weekend in Virginia for the wedding of Nick Deichmeister and Linh Hoang. (Nick is the youngest son of her cousin Bob Deichmeister and his wife Pam Ginsbach.) A lovely dinner was held Saturday evening at the Cranford House (home to the American News Women’s Club) with the ceremony on Sunday at Historic Blenheim, site of a 1859 brick farm house and a Civil War Interpretive Center. It was a lovely day and luckily for all it didn’t rain until a couple hours after everyone was safely back at the hotel!

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Cleveland Weekend, May 2015

We have wanted to visit Cleveland for awhile, ever since we heard they had the largest Slovenian population outside of Slovenia. In mid-May we had our chance, and were very happy to visit for the graduation of Richard Wanerman from Case Western Reserve University School of Law. (Richard’s father Rob and Robert are second cousins; their grandfathers Julius Farber and Mark [Farber] Markoff (he changed his name) were brothers.)

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