Birds of the World

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Birds of the World
Bird galleries from various trips.
Argentina and Uruguay 2017-Birds

Birds and other wildlife seen in northwest Argentina (Jujuy, Salta) and Uruguay (west Montevideo) in November 2017.

Birding Cape May NJ - Oct 2018

Birds mostly from Cape May, NJ (a few from the John Heinz NWR at Tinicum, Philadelphia), October 2018.

Birds of Bhutan

Birds photographed by Liza & Robert Weissler, in Bhutan, Apr/May 2015.

Brazil 2012-Birds

Birds and other wildlife seen on our trip with Mark Pretti Nature Tours to the Mata Atlantica of Brazil, August 2012.

Brazil 2016-Birds

Some bird (and other) photos from our trip to Amazonas, Brazil, Oct 2016 with Mark Pretti Nature Tours.

Chiapas 2009-Birds-MV

Some of the birds of Chiapas as photographed (on another trip) by Misty Vaughn. All photos (c) 2008 and are not for commercial use. See Liza and Robert's own photos were pretty poor given our little camera at the time.

Chiapas 2015

Photos from Robert's trip with Mark Pretti Nature Tours to eastern Chiapas, January 2015.

Chile 2017-Birds

Some of the birds (and a couple of mammals) seen in central and southern Chile, January-February 2017, with Rodrigo Reyes of Birdwatching Chile.

Colombia 2021-Birds

Some of the birds seen on our trip to central Colombia with Mark Pretti Nature Tours, June 2021. All photos (c) Liza and Robert Weissler 2021.

European Birds 2018

A few birds seen on our Germany-Norway-Iceland trip, mostly Norway and Iceland, June 2018.

Iceland and Scotland 2019-Birds

Birds seen in northern Iceland (in and around Akureyri) and the Scottish Highlands (some with Birding Ecosse / Dave Slater), June 2019. A few mammals thrown in for good measure. As usual some photos are better than others!

Montana Wyoming Utah 2018-Wildlife

Birds and other wildlife seen on our Glacier/Yellowstone/Grand Teton driving trip, Aug/Sept 2018.

New Mexico 2018-Birds

Birds (and one rodent) from our holiday New Mexico trip, Dec 2018.

NM-TX 2021-Birds

Birds and other wildlife seen on our New Mexico/Texas trip, April 2021.

Sky Islands West Texas 2017 - Birds

Birds seen on the trip, May 2017.

South Africa 2019-Birds and More

Birds, wildlife, and more from Cape Town to Kruger National Park, February 2019. Birding with Birding Africa Tours.

Spain 2017-Birds

Some of the birds (and a couple other things) seen in the Sierra de Gredos and Extremadura (4-8 June) with Jesus Porras of Iberian Nature, and in the Picos de Europa (18-24 June) with Javier Gil Vaquero of Birding Picos de Europa. Yes, some photos are better than others.

Spain 2021-Birds

Some of the birds and other wildlife seen in Andalucía September 2021 with Wild Andalucía (Álvaro Peral) and Doñana Wings (Vicent Esteller).

Trinidad Tobago 2022-Birds

Birds (and a few other critters) seen on our trip with Naturalist Journeys / Caligo Ventures to Trinidad and Tobago, March 2022.

UK 2023-Birds

Birds from our birding trip with Birding Ecosse / Dave Slater in the Outer Hebrides (Uists and Barra) and Skye en route. And a few other critters as well. June 2023.

Western US 2017-Birds

Birds seen on our grand driving trip of the west. Oh, and a few other fellows, too.


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