Chiapas – Mar/Apr 2009

In late March we travelled to the state of Chiapas, Mexico to bird, hike, and camp in the El Triunfo Biosphere Reserve.  Our trip was led by Mark Pretti of Mark Pretti Nature Tours (Hereford, Arizona) with local guide Jorge Montejo of the El Triunfo reserve.  We flew into Tuxtla Gutierrez and after a morning in nearby Sumidero Canyon, drove to Jaltenango, the next morning to the coffee farm Finca Prusia, and from there hiked ~8 miles up to the El Triunfo base camp at ~6500 ft elevation. 

After three nights at the high base camp we worked our way down the opposite side of the ridge through three different camp sites, eventually finding ourselves in Mapastepec, then to Tapachula, and on to home. Photos from the trip follow, with some bird photos kindly provided by Misty Vaughn when she went the year before. (Our own bird photos were literally nothing to write home about given our tiny camera at the time.)

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Chiapas 2009
Chiapas 2009-Birding

Photos from our birding/hiking/camping trip in the El Triunfo Biosphere Reserve with Mark Pretti Nature Tours, Mar/Apr 2009.

Chiapas 2009-Birds-MV

Some of the birds of Chiapas as photographed (on another trip) by Misty Vaughn. All photos (c) 2008 and are not for commercial use. See Liza and Robert's own photos were pretty poor given our little camera at the time.

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