Buddy Bison Weissler

Ferry ride!

My page! My page! Mostly I post on Facebook, but here are links to my travel pages and photo galleries.

Pretty fun to see a map of some of the places I have been in the southwest US.

Click any photo on the linked page or photo galleries below to view a larger image or optionally start a slideshow. If you have a Google account you can see my map!


Argentina and Uruguay 2017-Buddy

More roaming in South America for *me*.

Western US 2017-Buddy

This was actually *my* trip, and Robert and Liza just got to come along! 

Spain 2017-Buddy

Wherever he goes, there we are! Buddy Bison's adventures continue in Spain and Portugal, June 2017.

Chile 2017-Buddy Bison

Since I was a good bison and did not get into any trouble last year in Brazil, I got to go international again, this time to Chile! While the folks around me were birding and cycling, I just enjoyed the scenery in the Chilean national parks and made some new friends! Here are some of my highlights.

Southwest Travels 2017 - Buddy Bison

My adventures in Arizona, California, New Mexico, and the Sky Islands of West Texas.

Southwest Travels 2016 - Buddy Bison

More fun! Travels throughout Arizona, California, Nevada, and Utah in Sept/Oct 2016. Grand Canyon, Monument Valley, and more!

Buddy’s Brazilian Adventure 2016



…cycling, birding, and more